We Eat Pixels

a live a/v musical experience.

Pitch: Flubber meets Hedwig  meets Little Shop of Horrors. Then add some  Social Network and stir lightly. Music ranges from Queens Of the Stone Age to Fugazi but with a cheeky The Music Man element. There are 2 slower more depressing/intense songs towards the end, followed by a reprise of  ‘It’s In the Papers.’

This post-modern tail stars a work obsessed Hero who has an idea to splice the pixel with a brain cell that results in allowing any user to plug into a world from within their own imagination (represented by animations on a screen behind the players). Eventually, the ‘Pix-cell’ becomes a hit. But, it is also another distraction from actual life. In this case our Hero loses his wife because of his invention and the ‘Pix-cell’ gets out of control and becomes something different than he had planned. When exposed to the pixcell for to long, the users brain becomes overloaded and crashes. We don’t find this out until after our HERO sells it to a major corporation.

The overall theme will start off with a few 4th wall breakdowns and planned clever audience interaction to keep attention span but will slowly move to a more serious tone once the 3rd Act hits.




Read script for updated lyrics and to understand song content.


Act 0 / Scene 0 – HOST – Intro

Act 1 / Scene 1 – The motion pixel (I’ve seen the future)

Act 1 / Scene 2 – HERO calls BUDDY for help

Act 1 / Scene 3 – The PixCell is born

Act 1.5 / Scene 0 – HOST – Oh, you have a SMART phone

Act 2 / Scene 1 – The PRESS gets Pixel-ated!

Act 2 / Scene 2 – The PixCell is gonna be a hit!

Act 2 / Scene 3 – A PixCell Sell-out

Act 2.5 / Scene 0 – HOST – Big news

Act 3 / Scene 1 – Sweet Success!

Act 3 / Scene 2 – Overloaded (The death of LOVE and BUDDY)

Act 3 / Scene 3 – Its Over (HERO nearly kills himself by overloading his own mind)

Character List:

NOTE: Each character will have a Facebook page and will be posting to their wall via a scheduled post (That Buzz website that Zach showed).

HOST: Guides the audience on the PIX-CELL journey. Announces starting and ending of acts, intermissions, and helps with distributing media and crowd interaction. Probably shows up in the play in the 3rd act.

HERO: The inventor of the PIX-CELL and our tragic hero. A bit of a sellout which makes his name quite ironic. There will be posts months in advance of HERO coming up with his invention and building character. RSS those feeds into weeatpixels.info website.

LOVE : HERO’s true deep down muse. She inspires him to his core. Unfortunately, pixels become a distraction from their love.

This represents the need to remember and value what we have before it’s gone. LOVE represents how we ignore the life in front of us for alternate motives, like success.

BUDDY: Side-kick, biology nerd, overall good guy. He ultimatly makes the PIX-CELL connection.

PIXELS/PIX-CELLS: Represented by video animation (projected behind players). Whenever one of the characters is hooked into the PIX-CELL universe we see an abstract version of their pure imagination. The PIX-CELL is the catalyst between the digital realm and an imaginary world created by the users imagination whilst connected. The user is creating an abstract visual world. Some animations could be used as teasers to advertise for the show. Spreading the PIX-CELL socially could be nice way to point and laugh at social media while sthill involving it heavily too.

The DEVELOPERS: Represented by the MUSICIANS. Often told to go back to work. They could type on their music stands and grumble after interacting with HERO or HOST.

The PRESS: The left and right wing media. Misinterpreting, polarizing opinions, misusing information, and greed driven intentions for the HOT STORY and making a quick buck. You can’t blame them though, they’ve got families to feed. Plus, The PUBLIC wants what the PUBLIC gets. Consuming digital media at an extremely high rate thus, eating pixels.

The PUBLIC: Played by audience. Supply and demand and the demand for the new technology is on the rise. The PUBLIC demand is judgment filled, confused, easily scared, and deep down at the heart of the blame for the downfall of the pixel because of that over-consumption. We will only be hinting at that, there will be interaction with them. Making fun of smart phones, facebook, twitter, foursquare, cast members, bartenders, and more!

The GOVERNMENT/CORPORATIONS: Since the two are be coming interchangeable. Trying to regulate it (perhaps an inter-tubes reference here), transform it, let big companies bottle neck it, and spread misinformation rather than education.




Host walks out into spotlight stage left front. Talks to audience with a satirical “Colbert” like humor.

Hi folks, and welcome to We Eat Pixels.

I’m your HOST! We’ve got 3 action packed acts for you and your senses. Sit back relax and get a drink. We will have breaks and games during intermission and transition. Waitresses should be walking around the whole time taking your drink orders. Don’t forget to tip!

JOKE (mix around 3-ish different jokes every performance)
Enjoy the show, and don’t choke on your pixels!

ACT 1. SCENE 1. INT. Workshop/Office

One spotlight fades in on HERO. He sits at his desk slaving over his computer, obviously frustrated about something. He types on the keyboard loudly. He lets out several gasps and sighs with frustration. Hero clicks several times and then we hear woman’s voice from off stage.

LOVE: HERO, dinner is ready!
HERO: Damn it! I’m trying to work here!
LOVE: Don’t get pissy with me Mister. I’m not the one who chose your line of work.
HERO: No, you’re just the one keeping me from doing it.
LOVE: Fine, I’ll just put your food in the garbage then.
HERO: I’m sorry, LOVE, I didn’t mean that! I’m just trying to figure this out. Okay sweetie? Just give me one moment, I’ll be right in.
LOVE: UGH! Forget it. I’ll leave it in the microwave. I’m taking a bath and going to bed. When you’re done being a dick you should come to bed. You’re overworking yourself, AGAIN.
HERO: You know how I feel about you, LOVE. I’m just on to something big here. Something that can possibly make my career!
LOVE: UGH! (Grunts again and rummages around in the kitchen as HERO rambles about his project)
HERO: Imagine all your desires at the click of a mouse or a tap of your finger. You’ll be able to walk right into a digital version of your own imagination.The user will essentially be walking around in their own brain! You’re accessing memories, talent, creativity, love imagination (on and on)…

We’ll be famous! Imagine what it will do for my career.

LOVE: What are you babbling about?
LOVE walks on stage as lights come slowly up. A low music que stars. A light tiny playful yet catchy hook.

Starts humming to hook. Then starts singing
WEP TRACK 01 – The Future

I’ve got the future in my hands
I’ve seen the future- the past be damned.
I’ve seen the people’s needs
I’ve got the future staring back at me.

I’m back to the future – I’ve got the future…. I’ve seen the future… I am the future

The people need a future – an interface that let’s them finally be free!

(get’s kind of lost in on pattern- almost a crazed look in his eye)


Seems like grander
Delusion slander
Stop for a sec
Take a gander

Don’t you love me?
Can’t you see it…
Look what you’ve become!

synapse fire
lost and tired
I do admire
Your soul’s inspired

Don’t you love me?
Can’t you see that…
it’s tearing us apart!

Stay humble
Stay sane, my Hero
Bumbling pix-cells
Could equal zero

You throw yourself
At your work
But you never
Come to bed!

Dividing lovers
Late night hovers
Under covers
Lost pixel blunders

Guess what Hero discovers
A un-comfy night on the couch!

The two now sing their same parts but together for the final part of the song.

HERO: STOP(to band)! What did you say LOVE?

LOVE: You’re going to overdo yourself again, Hero. I’m saying you work too hard and you don’t ever relax and take a….

HERO: No, what did you say about the synapses firing and the pix-cells in your brain!?!

LOVE: You obviously missed my point. I said…

Awkward pause

HERO: My LOVE, my muse!! You’ve helped me solve it. I must call my old college pal, BUDDY! We used to have long talks back at (Nearest institution or venue/sponsor/makeup/salon/whatever reference) about technology and the brain. I don’t know why I didn’t think of calling him earlier. The brain is a computer, faults and all, there is something that happens when you interact with the pixel. The visual cortex! We must make a PIX-CELL as you called it! I love it! The PUBLIC will love it. We must access and track the users imagination! (WILDLY)

LOVE, I must finish some of this work and contact my college buddy, BUDDY! You are the smartest woman on earth.

LOVE storms out/offstage. After a few seconds of typing the music comes back in. The Future theme comes slowly back up with HERO obsessing about his Pix-Cell dream.

I’ve seen the future, understand the human mind.

I’ve got the future. No child left behind! (not funny… re write)

This can be my shining hour

I’ll be taught in history classes

This will be huge,

This can appeal to the masses

I’m going to sail on top of the world

I’ll be bigger than NASA

But If this boat sinks

We may be out on our asses!

LOVE walks in with a plate of food and a trash can and throws the whole plate away and storms out of the room! HERO turns to audience.

Sorry everyone, I gotta go make amends with the love of my life. Get a drink from your waitress and don’t forget to tip. We’ll be back in a minute for scene 2.

(Cues band to finish song by themselves, slowly walking away  humming the lyrics again)

Music goes into long melodic break down as scene 1 ends and lights start to slowly fade.

Phone call between HERO and BUDDY. Spotlight goes to HERO who appears to be at a bar or in Audience. He dials BUDDY’s #. Rings twice and 2nd light goes to BUDDY or could be located in another part of the bar.

BUDDY: Hello HERO! Long time no talk!

HERO: How did you know it was me? This is my new number!

BUDDY: Please dude, I have Facebook contacts synced to my phone.

HERO: Oh right, yeah. I did update that….

BUDDY: What can I do ya for old buddy?

HERO: Well I had this idea I wanted to run by you and I really can’t complete it without your help.

BUDDY: Oh yeah?

HERO: Well, it would probably be better if we could talk about it in person.

BUDDY: You know I just saw you check into Duffy’s (or venue performing in) on Facebook Places and Foursquare.

HERO: Oh, ha. Well, where are you?

BUDDY: I’m here.

HERO: What?

BUDDY: Yeah, I’m here now.

HERO: Oh yeah? No kidding!?! Well buy me a drink and let’s talk shop…

(The fellas meet up. Perhaps interacting with the audience like they know everyone in the room. Intro to act 2 song could be hinted or sprinkled throughout starting at the intro- just a mood setter for the pixel discovery scene).

WEP Track 02 – Buddies

Hey BUDDY… give me the science
I’ve got this idea… you’re gonna like it

Remember… how in collage
We talked at length and you dropped your knowledge

Well, I’ve processed… all the information
With your help we… can change the station
Well, I’ve processed… all the information
With your help we… can change the station


Not so fast!

I like where your head’s at

but your science is all flat



Buddy, here’s the story
I got an invention that needs sorting

You can walk around in glory
The mind is sexy and it’s gory

Solving boredom as we know it
Our true nature will say, “screw it”

As we float through ideals over
Nations loving one another

Buddy, here’s the story
I got an invention that needs sorting

It’s got imagination soaring
And our stock prices won’t be boring

Tap in to the creative brain
Keep dementia patients sane!

Keeps our children entertained
On the road-trip down memory lane

Floating through our dreams
In a conscious state extremes

Hey BUDDY… give me the science
I’ve got this idea… you’re gonna like it

Remember… how in college
We talked at length and you dropped your knowledge

Well, I’ve processed.. all the information
With your help we… can change the station


Not so fast!

I like where your head’s at

I have some simple conditions

As long as we test this thing fully before it launches

HERO (big finish):
OMG! I totally agree (puts his hand out to shake)
I’m gonna post on facebook already
Put on your boots and come with me
Let’s go make some F*cking history

HERO & BUDDY together to finish… eventually singing to crowd:

OMG! I totally agree
Someone posted it on Facebook already
Put on your boots and come with me
Let’s go make some F*cking history

ACT 1. SCENE 3. INT. Office/Workshop/Soon-to-be makeshift lab
Several hours later. Both HERO and BUDDY are drinking still and working.

BUDDY: Ya know, I’m glad we turned this den into a lab. Are you sure your wife won’t care?

HERO: Oh, hmm. I guess I forgot to ask her. But my wife won’t care… I hope!

BUDDY: Well, should we try it again?

Plugs things in randomly. Hits power source a few times till it kicks on. Just a slow pulse (perhaps delay riff that goes with a loop and matches the intro – Moog iPad app for SURE just mess around with the knobs).

HERO: I hope this works this time. This is our 3rd brain!

BUDDY: Yeah, I really hope UNMC (or nearby school if adapted) doesn’t mind us using those leftover brains.

HERO: Well, if this works they will give us all the leftover brains we want!

AFTER program (band noise) runs for about 10 seconds all of a sudden the projected images explode with a crash and the MUSICIANS make noise and crashing sounds. HERO and BUDDY fall over like an earthquake had just happened. PIX-CELLs come spewing out in the animation. BUDDY looks into the microscope and is yelling over the band!

WEP TRACK 02.5 – plays and band can get crazy and improvy over a cool animation of HEROs imagination (animation based on cells splitting with pixels) with a noise build. Then all noise lowers to a light buzz and everyone talks over it until BUDDY shuts the machine down.

BUDDY:  Well… how was it, HERO?

HERO: WE’VE DONE IT, BUDDY! The PIX-CELL is amazing! The most amazing thing i’ve ever felt… the cell allowed me to walk around in my imagination and truly take it all in. We’ve fused a pixel with a human brain cell. YOU’RE A MASTER!

(Shuts machine down, essentially cutting off the band/DEVELOPERS… perhaps they can sort of collapse with exhaustion).

HERO: I couldn’t have done it without your help my friend! Oh, and all these DEVELOPERS we hired.

DEVELOPERS: Wave and nod to crowd. Perhaps lots of nerd glasses could be on in these moments. Pushing them up and snorting with giggles. BURN!

HERO: Now get back to work!

BUDDY: I’m going to stay with the crew and keep debugging the prototype.

HERO: Okay, don’t stay up too late we’ve got to alert the media in the morning.

BUDDY: Okay.

BUDDY goes back to looking into the computer screen as light fades painfully out to intermission.

HOST: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… the first act is over. Get up stretch your legs, get a beverage from your waitress, or get out your smart phones and play Technological Intervention Questionnaire on your napkins to win free drinks!

First one who answers the trivia question gets free drink tokens!

Alright, break it up. Shows gonna start, get in your seats everyone! The second act is starting in like 2 minutes!
Hey Spencer (or some dude who’s talking)… shut up and sit down. We have pixels to eat here!

ACT 2. SCENE 1. INT. Press Headquarters

Title: The Press Gets Pixcel-ated.

Lights fade in at PRESS headquarters. Phones are ringing. There are 3-5 men dressed in 50s news-guy garb (hilarious juxtaposition of old school reporter and new school media). All reporters are constantly at their cell phones checking the newest twitter update and chattering amongst themselves in old school reporter stereotype but still answering 50s-esque rotary phones at their desk (for effect). HERO and BUDDY walk in very nervously. Tries to interrupt the first PRESS man he sees to no avail (gets ignored). 2nd PRESS man he barely catches hanging up the phone, as he exhales because he just lost his lead story.

HERO: Hey, can I get a second?

PRESS 1: What do you want guy? I’ve had a rough day.

HERO: My friend and I have invented a way to tap into the human imagination. You can basically walk around in your own mind. We’d like you to do a story so we can raise some funding.

PRESS 1: Who cares about that? This story sounds like a load of crap. Nobody cares about imagination!
Grabs PRESS GUY 2 and starts to chatter.

PRESS 1 (to PRESS 2): Did you hear that? This guy says he can tap in to imaginations and he wants to raise funds! What a nut!?!

PRESS 2: It kinda sounds interesting PRESS 1.

PRESS 1: I know dummy! (pushes PRESS 2 away)

(to HERO and BUDDY- Music Que)

Let me interview you knuckle heads! Sit down and let me give you the run down.

You must excuse me if your nerdy-ness put me off at first. For the average reader, you must understand, it’s existentially disturbing to think about the imagination. We have to get this out the right way.

I see your whole demeanor and it’s frightfully un-nerving.

OH, I’ve got to TWEET THIS

(music que)
WEP TRACK 03 – It’s In the Paper, It Must Be True

I can see you’re unassuming
Well you can assume just to trust me

I can see you’re enthusiastic
We’ll have this story gift wrapped in plastic

I can assure you it won’t be boring
This better be a damn good story

Oh and please don’t sue me!

(solo break)

I can see you’re unassuming
I’m assuming I can blog this story

I can see you’re enthusiastic
The PUBLIC will flip out – straight gymnastics

I can’t assure you it will be front page
Unless failure causes you to rampage

If so, please don’t kill me!

Song ends and reporter goes on as if nothing had happened. Starts asking our boys questions about their product and starting to work his story.

PRESS 1: How about this headline?
Local nerds claims they can tap into the imagination!

HERO: Like I said, we have invented a program that can allow any user to walk around in his or her imagination. Want to come try it?

PRESS 1: Ah what the hell, all my other leads are dead (grabs coat). Let’s go, kiddos!

(to PRESS 2) If you’re wrong about this I’ll ring your neck… but if you’re right… I’m taking all the credit! Later!

All exit stage as lights fade out. Host comes from the back of the venue with several newspapers in hand. Covers reading various headlines. HOST is shouting the head lines. There could be a QR code for a $1 off. Must have a smart phone w/ barcode scanner. HERO and BUDDY are in the LAB


HOST exit and lights come up 

ACT 2. SCENE 2. INT. Lab

PRESS 1: Well, are we gonna do this or what?

BUDDY: Sure, have a seat. (puts headset on PRESS… ambient music que)

PRESS 1: (Animation of a million headlines morphing into ‘a big story’ starts slowly then speeds up as music does, perhaps some stabs at Glen Beck types of programs)

WOAH… WHOAH! WOW! It’s like I’m floating around in my wildest dreams… but I’m completely conscious!

HERO: (To Buddy) We’re a hit!

PRESS 1: (animation ends , music gets soft for dialogue) Guys, I gotta hand it to ya, this is cool. I gotta get this on my Google+ account ASAP (exits in a rush). Great work fellas… I’ll have something in the paper real soon!

BUDDY: HERO, this has been awesome and all but we should do some more tests before releasing it to the PUBLIC. I thought the article was going to help raise money for testing.

HERO: Come now BUDDY, let’s celebrate! You can test later. Plus you have some serious bags under your eyes from all the testing you’ve already done.

LOVE walks in unnoticed

BUDDY: Well HERO, we just don’t know what the PIX-CELL can do yet. My mind does feel a little cloudy after using it for only little bits here or there throughout the testing phase.

LOVE: (interrupting) What are you guys talking about?

HERO: Oh, my LOVE. Come and celebrate with us. We’ve just gone to the PRESS with our new invention. They interviewed us and he’s already blogging about it. Who knows the limits of this application!?! Introducing people to their deepest feelings and dreams.

04 – We’re A Hit


We’re a HIT!
We’re a HIT!
We’re a HIT!
We’re a HIT!

We’re the smartest guys since Buffet and Gates
We’re gonna make the kind of money Zuckerburg makes.
Like Steve Jobs in India I’m tripping
This target market is gonna be livid!
Like the other Steve in apples eye, i’ll make an apple records pie.


I disagree entirely! Don’t Napster out on me already!

I’ve seen reports of bugs that need fixed
You’ve been running around not giving a shit!

We’ve got something here this I know
I’ll test this thing you go put on the show.

Argument ensues… 


I disagree entirely!


I disagree entirely!


How DARE you disagree with me!


How dare YOU disagree with ME!

…continues and crescendos…


…peaks with Love interrupting.. all sing …

But I thought you said,

We’re a Hit!

We’re a Hit!

We’re a Hit!

We’re a Hit!

HERO: That was awesome guys. I’m gonna go start planning my speech.



LOVE: UGH! Storms out!

BUDDY: Hey, HERO… isn’t it your anniversary tonight!?! I saw something on Love’s Facebook wall saying about how she hoped you had something extravagant planned (scheduled post to We Eat Pixel’s Facebook).

HERO: OH! boy!

Coming darling… I have reservations at Blue Orchid (whispers to crowd… perhaps asking crowd what the best nearby restaurant) no I don’t!

BUDDY: (Sort of to crowd) Got to admit… the guy has drive! He gets so wrapped up in work he doesn’t check Facebook and misses his anniversary…  That’s my pal, HERO!

Lights fade out.

Act 2 Scene 3 INT Restaurant w/ Love for Anniversary

Title: PixSell-Out!
Lights come up and LOVE and HERO are at the local fav restaurant, HOST could pass out tokens or ask a question on the Facebook weeks in advance and ask crowd/users their favorite restaurant. Most creative answer get’s used in the play.

LOVE: Well this is very nice. And thank you for the flowers.

HERO: It was no trouble at all my LOVE. (to crowd) The neighbors won’t miss them at all!

LOVE: What?

HERO: Oh nothing darling, nothing.

Say, how is your food?

LOVE: The best. I love this place!

HERO: Me too.

LOVE: I’m gonna go to the little girl’s room and powder my nose.

HERO: Who still says that!?! SERIOUSLY!

LOVE: ME! Shut up you! (walks off smiling and giggling)

HERO: (taking bite)

the GOVERNMENT rep: (pops up out of nowhere perhaps from behind/under table like he was there the whole time) Hey there HERO. I’m from the GOVERNMENT. We want to offer you a bazillion dollars to release the PixCell to the market. Are you interested?

HERO: A BILLON! YES! Where do I sign and when do I get the check?


Well, I said a bazillion but who’s counting zeros these days (shakes hand).

Barring no issues with the product … I have the paperwork right here! We can fax it back to Washington right away.


Fax? Who the the hell uses faxes still? Ha.

The GOV rep:

We do.


Oh… right… silly me. Where do I sign?

The GOV rep: Now we just need to know what makes it tick… we’ll put a patent on it right away for you.

HERO: Here is all you’ll need (draws quick sketch on a napkin)

(signs paper)

The GOV rep:  No shit… that simple, huh?

HERO: My partner figured it out.

The GOV rep: Smile!

HERO: Wha?

Camera man and reporter comes from off stage suddenly and light flashes as HERO is still shaking GOV guy’s hand. HEROs face has a surprised/dumb founded look. Light fades out. End scene.

Act 2.5: Sell-Out Headline

HOST: Extry, Extry. Read all about it. HERO nerd sells out! Makes a bazillion dollar deal with taxpayer money.

(hands out front page of fake newspaper with HEROS dumb founded look on it, barcode deal)

HOST: Next Act starts in 5 mins folks.

Act 3, Scene 1/ Sweet success. INT. HERO HOME/LIVING ROOM/OR FORMER DEN
Fade in quickly. HEROs on the phone PRESS1 (who has a spotlight on him from PRESS headquarters). HERO has the news article in his hands.

HERO: Why did you print this?

PRESS 1: You wanted a story and I gave ya one…. er you gave me one, rather.

HERO: I look like a fool!

PRESS 1: Well ain’t ya?

HERO: uuuuh… ummm… ugh!

PRESS 1: Look, I’m just bustin your chops, pal. No PRESS is bad PRESS as they say…

Awkward silence

PRESS 1(cont.):

Well, don’t go thanking anybody, pal. Good luck… jerk!

HERO: Thanks for nothing, PRESS!

(hangs up phone then talks to himself) I look like a damn fool in this article!

Knock on door. HERO goes to answer it.

CORPORATE stooge: Hi, I represent the CORPORATIONS you signed your company over to.

HERO: WHAT? What are you talking about? I sold it to the GOVERNMENT!


HERO: What’s so funny?

CORPORATE stooge: Aren’t GOVERNMENT and CORPORATIONs the same thing anyway?

HERO and stooge both laugh

HERO: Fair enough. Well at least I get some of the funding for development right?

CORPORATE stooge: Where here’s the thing, our researchers and bio-electricians have determined that at the current rate of PIX-CELL flow to the brain it is possible to get a disconnect with reality… and if strapped into the system for too long it causes serious reality deficiencies to the brain. We did some testing and it looks like you’re liable for all the damage that this product will have on the PUBLIC.

HERO: The PUBLIC? We’re still in the testing phase!

CORPORATE stooge: Not according to this document you signed. It’s been at PUBLIC-MART since the moment you signed this document. We are not liable for this mess. I’m here to inform you that we’re shutting down your operation and no longer providing you funding. Article 29-17 B reads, In the event of damage or PUBLIC misusage damage and losses are to be owned by creator, one HERO H. MATTHEWS. All belongings and documents related to the PIX-CELL shall be seized by GOV.CORP.COM and locked in a secret basement until the year 3059. Then we flush it down the toilet if toilets are still around then.

HERO: I probably should’ve read that document a little closer. Kinda weird about the toilet thing.

CORPORATE stooge: Yeah… well, you’ve been served I guess… here is all the paper work. Have a nice day!

HERO: Improv cursing having to do with pixcells, social media, and a desperate man hitting bottom. He is kicking chairs, throwing the paperwork around, throwing things off the table, and being loud. Cue music.

04 – I’m Ruined

I’m RUINED!!!!!

This wasn’t supposed to happen
It happened all so rapid
It wasn’t supposed to be like this
I didn’t even break surface

This wasn’t how I planned it
The market is demanding
I am good for nothing
And I’m a good for nothing haaaaaaaaack!

and now I’ve got to start from scratch

Keep the money coming
To keep the lights running
To keep my lady happy
I must take some action

How can I crawl back from this?
I’m up to my neck in it
My life’s work is shit
My career mid-hissy-fit

(break down)

REPEAT last 6 lines minus the last 2. 

LOVE and BUDDY come up at the end of his song and interrupt his rampage.


LOVE: What is wrong with you, HERO?

BUDDY: What’s the racket man?

HERO: I’ve done a terrible thing. I sold the PIX-CELL to the GOVERNMENT and they’ve sold it to some crazy CORPORATIONS!

BUDDY: Well, aren’t they the same thing?

ALL: Hahahaha, LOL!

BUDDY: Ahhh, never gets old. But seriously, I guess people’s brains are getting cut off  from reality when used too much. We need to test this right away before they come in here and take all our equipment.

BUDDY: Wait a second, OUR EQUIPMENT!

HERO: Listen here man we’ve got lives to save. We’re in this together!

BUDDY: But we’re still in the testing phase. We could’ve found that out ourselves in one or two more days of testing and figured out how to regulate it. How do they have access to everything already?

HERO: They’ve been selling it for days in stores. I gave them the basic scheme on a napkin and they wrote me this check… and now before we can cash it I’m sure they’ve stopped payment on it.

BUDDY: (Zooms over to hero and slaps him hard twice – perhaps loud goofy sound effects) YOU FOOL!
I must find a way to stop this madness you’ve created.

Runs out of the room towards testing.

LOVE: What does this mean, HERO?

HERO: It means you’ve married a failure. I had such a good idea and I let my greed ruin it. I’ve sold out and now I’m made to look like a fool. This could’ve been avoided if I had just paid attention rather than getting greedy.

LOVE: What can I do to help?

HERO: Oh my beautiful darling, even in this time of need you’re willing to stand by me and my dreams. I must go warn the PUBLIC we’re doing all we can to fix the problem. Save our image.

Go see if BUDDY and the DEVELOPERS need help with testing I’ll be back as soon as I can.

LOVE: Oh, HERO! I love you, why do you have to be such a fool?

HERO: I don’t know. Shut up and kiss me!

The two embrace and the lights go down. END of Scene 1

Act 3 Scene 2 – HERO faces PUBLIC at PRESS conference – get’s ridiculed
HOST prepares the crowd for their scene then HERO takes a soapbox in front of the audience.
HOST: Well folks, it’s judgement day. We’re gonna need your help in telling HERO just how upset with him we really are. So feel free to boo or cheer him as you like. Look everyone is gathering at the PRESS conference.

Now with no further ado HERO H. MATTHEWS (music cue).

WEP TRACK 06 – plead

HERO: (sings to public and interacts with them)

I’m on my knees PUBLIC please
I’ve got my limits you’ve got these needs
We can pretend all day and night
The feelings mutual… right?

kissing babies, shakin’ hands, givin’ thumbs up, makin’ “Friends”

(2 phrase pause for blocking/dancing/shaking hands/kissing babies)

We un-cap the limiter of your dreams!
You’ll be sorry you’ve been relieved
Our product was released without testing
Second chances gives our product new meaning

(fun fill and little dance)
Give… a second chance… just give us… a second chance

(PART C – iPad Ref)

I’ve consulted with my DEVELOPERS
They’ve assured me that… this was irregular
This… gives us a chance… to do it better… it… gives us a chance to do it better!

Since I was a boy… I’ve been a dreamer
This is a culmination of something bigger
My team has helped me tap into something brighter
Give me a fortnight to make this better

I’m on my knees PUBLIC please
I’ve got my limits you’ve got these needs
We can pretend all day and night
The feelings mutual you can imagine what’s right
Give… a second chance… just give us… a second chance
This… give us a chance… to do it better… it… gives us a chance to do it better!

Song end and HERO steps off of his pedestal right onto the toe of a reporter.

REPORTER 4: Watch where you’re going knucklehead!

HERO: Who are you calling knucklehead? Why I oughta…..

Just then camera comes out of nowhere and snaps a photo of HERO about to punch reporter. Instantly, HOST comes out with new paper instantly.

HOST: Extry, Extry! Corrupt Science Nerd assaults reporter at press conference. Is a huge all around bummer! Becomes viral instantly! Public cries, “FAIL”

Act 3 Scene 3 – The Death of LOVE and BUDDY

HERO frantically runs inside to find LOVE and BUDDY and some of the DEVELOPERS overloaded and in a coma (eventually dead). Some DEVELOPERS still alive are crying. 

HERO: Oh…  my god! What… what happened!?! (holds LOVE)

DEVELOPER 1: We went out to take a break and get some coffee and when we got back they were… they were… GONE! (pouts)

HERO: How long have they been like this?

LOVE: (coming to… sounding very weak) H-H-HERO

HERO: My LOVE you’re alive!

LOVE: HERO… I’m fading (music cue -Love sings (steals show) as she dies. Could prelude to final song)

07 – Why You Pinch My Love Handles?

Do you remember the moment we met?
Before your hair was speckled grey
You were always such a dreamer, my HERO
Shhhh (covers lips with fingers)… there’s not much more to say

lemme say…

Remember what you said when we first kissed
That stars collided far, far away
That universes were being born and some
That universes were blowing away

I laughed and knew to stay (!?!)

HERO can you see me, I’m FADING?
I wish I were making plans for staying
Quick, kiss me HERO, HERO, I’m FADING!
Baby, baby, baby… I’m saying…

I can’t last… another day

HERO: (talking) But… my LOVE… my muse…

don’t leave me… I need you! I’M SORRY!


HERO can you see me, I’m FADING?
I wish I were making plans for staying
Quick, kiss me HERO, HERO, I’m FADING!
Baby, baby, baby… I’m saying…

I can’t last… another day


Good-bye… my… HERO (she dies but music can have a nice subtle/sad transition).

DEVELOPER 2: HERO… she’s gone.

DEVELOPER 1: Damn it HERO. We can fix this! All you need is the initial stimulus and you can coast in a state of consciousness for quite some time… they only overdosed because we didn’t know the brain would overload and shut down. We can fix this and honor their memory.

HERO: No… no… NO! It’s over! It’s dead. Let my ugly selfish life destroying dream die with me… take me out boys!

Keys and drums start 
08 – Fun’s Over

My dream has died
Buried alive
I sold my own
I’m all alone

The greed did arise
and cause my demise
Once surrounded by the ones I loved
Now cursed and alone

This blasted pixel has caused me hell
To this world I’ll say farewell
I’ve killed the love of my life
I’ve killed my best friend… I haven’t told his wife

(dialogue with the developers and the play and plead with him not to kill himself)


The greed did arise
and cause my demise
Once surrounded by the ones I loved
Now cursed and alone

HERO then takes the machine as song continues to build into a mass noise and then some crazy synth and band noise until one of the lead of the band turns the machine off which cuts off the entire noise. HERO collapses. The band leader runs to him…

DEVELOPER #3: HERO! Are you alive?

HERO: (slowly wakes up) Am I… am I dead?

DEVELOPER #3: No. I don’t think so. Anyway… so me and the guys were talking… (super fast nerd speak) what if we limit the PIX-CELL output by slowing the signal and finding other ways to prevent OVERLOAD from happening.

DEVELOPERS: (amongst themselves) Yeah, hell yeah. Sweet. Let’s do this. BOOYAH!

HERO: That’s great and all… but can I finish this song or what?

DEVELOPERS: Oh yes go ahead!


The greed did arise
and cause my demise
Once surrounded by the ones I loved
Now cursed and alone

Act 3 Scene 3.5 – It 

HOST runs in with one more newspaper. HERO and team of nerds correct their product and implement a proper testing phase! PUBLIC forgives HERO! Cast comes out one at a time as It’s In the Paper It Must Be True riff plays out and cast takes a bow… perhaps finishing with one last verse! 

HOST: EXTRY EXTRY READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!! HERO and team of nerds correct their product and implement a proper testing phase! PUBLIC forgives HERO!




Technical brief

Assets & Timeline



Live Script & Video promo snippets

Animations (representing exploding imaginations)

Viral spread of pixel eating

Ironic marketing

Live show focused otherwise

Movie view @ Bourbon

Vimeo & YouTube release parties

Website/Facebook/ETC SOCIAL

CAST & Crew

Musicians: 5-8

1 Lead Guitar

1 Rhythm Guitar

1 Keys (More synth than piano)

1 Drums

1 Bass

2 Violins

1 Cello

More instruments as director and band see fit.

Venue/Promo material

Downloadable material

Make up/Costume

3-5 promo videos, and fake ‘PixCell’ videos.